For many people, a home is the largest financial investment they will ever make. As time goes on, the value and equity in the home increase. If you want to tap into that value for the things that matter most for you and your family, a home equity mortgage may be just the way to do it.

Applying to a bank for a mortgage can be stressful and disappointing, especially if your credit is less than stellar or if verifying your income is a challenge. However, when you choose to work with Lisa Johnson’s team, we find a way around those issues. We help you secure a home equity mortgage that is based solely on the equity in your home — not your income level or credit score. We make sure you’re approved even when the banks say no.

Consolidate debts, renovate your home, buy a new house, assist a family member in need, or begin a new business — whatever you need the home equity mortgage for, it would be our pleasure to help. We even have options for those of you facing difficult situations including collections, foreclosure, or bankruptcy.

We promise to listen to your needs, provide the best possible service, and treat you with respect. Choose Lisa Johnson to give you the help you need. Our experience and knowledge allow all qualifying applicants to take our a third mortgage on their home, if needed. Reach out now to learn more.